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Why I call myself Detta

Do you wanna know?

Let me explain!

When my grandniece was born and grew up (oh I love her so much), one of her first words
was "Adetta".

Noone knew what she was trying to say, since we found out that it was "Ah - Detta".
And I was ment by her words.

I felt so honored - no, much-much-much more then that - I cant find words which could ever explain, what her words ment to me.

As she grew up and began to talk, she always said and still says "Detta" to me. Most of my family members are doing the same now. Its more then a "nickname" - its been a part of me since she said it.

So that is the reason, why I call myself Detta and why I would never-ever change it - for nothing in the world

How do you call yourself? What is your story? What is your "way of beeing an artist" ?
Let me know by e-mail (dettamusic (at) aol.com or click on the link )
and I will tell it on my page!

Im very excited to read your story!