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My little world of music


... something about me!
Realname: Nora B.
born: July 1981

in: Near Dortmund, Germany
(my hometown is so small, noone knows )

marital status: in a relationship

Music since 1986

  Employe in public service for the state authority of NRW/Germany since 2004

Fav music artist: Bon Jovi, Hammerfall, Rhapsody and many more
Fav. music styles: Rock, Metal, Classic, RnB, Pop

Inspired by:
my kids up in heaven, my mother, my family, my friends all around the world,
the moon and stars in the night

How I decided to write songs:
I want to express my own feelings and hope to make the world a little bit a better place

What does music mean to me:
Music was always a part of me and will ever be! Music is my love, my life, my passion and all I am!

What do other artist mean to me:
I respect every artist and what they do. I love meeting other ones and to be inspired by them.
I met so many wonderful ones, heard so many awesome songs they did and sometimes I wonder why
I never have heard them on the radio

Why do I try to support other ones and not me:
I do music for my own - to satisfy myself... and I know other ones would love to
be on stage and they deserve it much more then me. I hope to help to make "the dream come true".
And I also think, that this world can be a better place when we stop thinking of ourselves and give a bit more without hoping to get anything back..

What kind of music I do:
I love to "play around" with music. I always try to mix styles.
When i sing karaoke or cover a song - I try to be me and not to imitate someone else.
Everytime I sing a song - doenst matter if its mine or not - I give it a personal touch.
I always sing from the heart - if I cant deal with a song - if I dont feel the meaning of a song
I wont sing it...

So thats it for now Read "about me" if you want!
If you think, something is missing here, just ask me and I will answer and write it on the page.

For me it means a lot to stay in contact with you - I need feedback - and I will never change myself - I am, what I am And thats a promise

Detta - or just call me Nora