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My little world of music

Finally home

... is a song about love and how I found my home!

When my husband left me for another one in June 2012, I fell deep down in a hole. I never thought, I could love again and that I would never ever meet someone and let him in my heart.. till I found D. ! He is the best ever happened to me!

My whole life, I was searching for the feeling of coming home. For the feeling, my journey ends and I could be me...

I met him in Aug 2013 - and from the first moment on - the first look in his eyes, I was sure, that this was all I ever was searching for. It is not easy to explain, till you found it. He treated me in a way, I never was treated before and he still treats me this way. He let me be me. I dont have to "look good" everyday. I dont have to wear makeup, a hot dress, perfect hair, highheels and all that stuff to look pretty for him... he even loves me, when Im wearing an old T-Shirt and shorts... I dont have to do everything for him, just because I think he could expected it.. No! He wants me to be me.

So as our relationship went better and better everyday - like my love grows for him - I decided to tell him how much I love him in a song.

I wrote a lot of personal songs - but this one comes straight from my heart filled with my soul and will always be me... no more - no less - just me!

Some of you know, I have epilepsy - and it is not easy for someone to see me that way when a seizure comes over me without a warning. So I can really understand that it is hard to deal with it and that I am not the "biggest dream" someone could have.. but for him - I am.. I dont know why, but he is always there.. in good times and times of trouble - when I feel weak and weary, the take me in his arms and I know - Im finally home.. without any doubt!

So I hope everyone of you will find home - love is never for granted - and even it is just for a day, an hour, a minute or just a second - it is the sense of life! So I believe!

Released on youtube 07.11.2013

Dedicated to D.

lyrics and vocals by Detta
Music composed by MuMiCri (youtube Acc)

Finally home

All my life i was always searching on my own ..
ever searching for a place called home

Have you ever felt this perfect moment?
When time stands still?
When words can not describe what you feel so deep, deep down inside...
when eyes meet eyes -
and you can´t deny, with a little sigh of happiness --
oh baby yes I must confess,
I´m finally home

Now i´m finally home -- everytime you´re near me.
And it still feels like home -- even if you´re miles away.
- Now I can see -- now I can see clearly --
home is only where my heart wants to stay
You´re the reason I go on
-and nothing can be wrong -- you´re the reason why
I know I´m finally home

I was frozen in time.
unable to move.
silent tears in my eyes
always asking why.
With the pain of goodbye.
on the road to nowhere
and as a pillar of salt,
i saw nothing but despair.

Alone in the dark, my heart
I was broken into pieces but now you make me complete
and suddenly I know for sure

I´ve found in your eyes, what I was looking for
so even if it is just for a while
I´m not afraid .. no never anymore

And everytime I see you smile my love
I know -- i'm finally home -
and nothing can be wrong,
now I have a place, a place where I belong
- with you -

In your arms - I´m finally home!
In your arms, I found my home!