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My little world of music

About me

Hi everyone,
thank you very much for stopping by at my page - online since march, 28th, 2014! I feel very honored!
So whats this page about? Who I am?

My name is Nora -  Im from Northrhine-Westfalia in Germany (my hometown is so small, that noone would know it) and I do music for over 25years. I decided to write everything on my page in english, because I want that everyone around the world can understand me. So my english is not the best, but I try to give my best If anything is wrong or can be misunderstood, please let me know! Thank you for that!

I try to support other artists as much as I can - to help them getting on stage - to share their music all around the world, so that they can tell their message!

So - but lets talk about music!

Music is my love, my passion, my inspiration and everything I really need in my live! I love to sing and to compose - so Singer/Songwriter is the best to describe what I am. Or better - Im something between that I do my own kind of music - I always try to give every song my "own touch" and in my own songs, I try to compare different styles.

Oh I know - im not, definetly not, the best singer in the world - but, and I think thats more important then anything else - I feel what I sing - I sing every song with all my heart and soul. And as long as there is only one person in the world (even its only me ), my job is done!

As a child, I began to sing in a choir with my nephew and niece (both are only 2 - 4 y younger then me) and we had a lot of fun. As I grew up, my nephew and I began to sing and write own songs - we gave existing melodies new lyrics - wow, when I remember that days, I´m always smiling... I sang a lot in school and at home, when I was a teenager. I began to learn playing guitar - but Im not so good in this So as my guitar-teacher wanted me to sing a song - it was "Yesterday / the Beatles - while he and me were playing that song - he looked at me and said "Stop! Singing is much better for you then playing guitar.. You will never be so good in playing then singing" and so we started to learn how to breath, to sing, to harmonize, to give a song an own touch and so on....

But through this all - I never learned to read notes. - it takes too much time, you know?!.. i dont know why - but I cant do it faster..
I was singing in a band - but that was not my "way" and so I decided to write songs for myself and sing for myself...

Now, Im 32 and all I ever needed was to sing and share my music with other people - all I ever wanted was to listen to other artist, to share the love for music and to meet other people around the world.

Im singing on a karaoke-site for fun and met wonderful people there. At the end of 2013 i shared my first song (video) on youtube. I created a twitter account and my facebook page went online. In 2014 I created this website and I will go on writing and singing more own songs! And most of all, I hope to meet new people, which inspire me to reach the top of what I can give - dont know how to explain, but Im sure, I can be better - and thats what I will try! So thank you all so much for your kind words, your support, your music, your inspiration and everything you have done, you do und you will do for me! Thanks a lot!

If you want, please visit my youtube channel and subscribe - visit me on facebook and like my page - or follow me on twitter...

And dont forget - the whole world is full of music - all we need is to close our eyes and listen!

May music make this world a better place!

Have a wonderful day and never give up your dreams!

- 28.03.2014 -