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My little world of music

Like a puppet on a string

... is a song about how much your own life can depend on someone else!

Once - you fell so deeply in love, that the world around you has no meaning to you.
And, as time goes by, you do whatever is needed to feel love - to be loved by the one, you love the most.
 Without, the world seems to be dark, you lost your own sense of life. You are in "his" hands. Whatever you do - you cant decide for yourself - you cant breath without his love - you cant really live without his love... and then, it happens. You flew so high in the sky and from one moment to the other - you fall... You realize, that you were the one, who has given everything for this relationship - you were the one, who has let all your dreams fading away, just to make his dreams come true... and as my husband left me, my whole world crashed down - I couldnt believe it - couldnt breath without feeling a burning pain in my lungs - couldnt move on without a feeling of walking on glass with every step... but then, slowly, I realized, that it was not my fault... Maybe, I was the puppet - but he cut the string...

release on youtube 08.10.2013
©2013 -- lyrics by Nora B.
Music by youtube Acc MuMiCri

Oh let me fall,
oh let me fly

(oh let me fall, oh let me fly)

Give me wings,
so I can touch the sky.
(wanna touch the sky)

Wanna rise with the dawning of the day
(wanna rise, wanna rise, wanna rise)
- lead my self astray -
spread these old wings and fly *away*

Into another sunset,
another space in time
back to this bittersweet moment,
when your heart was (when your heart was)
beating with mine
(beating with mine)

(only you and i)

Just like a puppet on a string
(does it mean anything?)
my life was in your hand
( oh i cant understand)
and like a queen without a crown
(oh and i was the clown)
you were my only, my only king

ive been running high -- ive been running low
oh do you know - yes, i loved you so
but now it doesnt mean, oh no it doesn´t anything,
´cos I was only the puppet
and you cut the string....