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My little world of music

Lets start!

Welcome to my little world of music!

The world is full of music - all we have to do, is close our eyes and listen

Please note - My website is still under construction,
but I hope
  you enjoy your visit!

Maybe you wonder why this page is made so simple and without any effects - the reason is simple - I have epilepsy and so I know that some effects can trigger and give a seizure the chance to happen.. I want that everyone can visit my page - so sorry, if my page seems to be boring - but - give the meaning of my page a chance - not the look

I would really appreciate an entry in my guestbook - pls leave a message for me there - even if you just say *hello* Thank you!

So glad you are here - take a minute and listen to my music, or if you wanna know more about me,
just read a bit about it, tell me more about you and leave a link to your website/facebook/youtube/twitteracc. - or leave a comment in my guestbook!
Do, what ever you want Everything is very welcome and gives me a good feeling


 Have a wonderful day - full of music and love!


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